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"Mr. Almaraz, thank you for sharing your Toby Globy program for the children's environmental project. It is certainly of primary importance to generate awareness and concern about the environmental issues confronting America today. Our children must be our hope! They must understand that each person's efforts count."
- Education Service Center, Corpus Christi, Texas

"Through interactive presentations, dramatic play, bilingual songs and activity-laden educational materials, the (Toby Globy) program taps into a child's most critical skill: imagination...and it's the grown-ups' job to listen and learn."
- Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

"We all know that the most fertile minds, and in turn, the best teachers are our children. So we are very excited about your Toby Globy materials that are so cleverly written to teach children about recycling and conservation."
- Texas Water Commission

"...We need to start with the children and get them used to doing this (eco-education) sort of thing because it's very difficult to unlearn a bad habit, and many of us, as adults, have learned some very bad habits - and that's a throw-away society."
- Coastal Bend Sierra Club

"Mr. Almaraz, The City of Corpus Christi Water and Storm Water Departments teamed up to introduce the Toby Globy Educational Program to area Head Start Centers. The program was very well received by teachers and students. The easy-to-follow teacher's guidebook and children's activities are a hit. The DVD movie of young thespians teaches young children examples of how everyone can help protect the environment. We will definitely use the program again and again."
- City of Corpus Christi Water Department

"Toby is a great character that really captures kids' attention. Judges loved Toby's grassroots approach of teaching young kids, who in turn go home and teach their parents."
- Texas Commission on Environmental Quality 2005 Texas Environmental Excellence Awards.

"Toby Globy, the big headed eco-friendly, planet saving mascot has gone beyond endearing children with catchy songs and eco-tips, the messages are actually sinking in."
- City of Laredo Environmental Services Department

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